A monkey is on a tree and a hunter is trying to hunt the monkey. He aims the gun at the monkey and fires a bullet.As soon as he shoots, the
monkey jumped horizontally from the tree. Is the monkey dead or alive?

If hunter hits the monkey <<absolute value
h-(delta Ym)=(delta Yn)
h-(delta Yn)=(delta Ym)

h=dtan(45 because opp(45/adj(45*adj=opp
t when hunter reaches delta x of d= d/vcos(45

DeltaYn when hunter reaches delta x of d=1/2*(-9.8)(d/vcos(45)^2 +(vsin(45) (d/vcos(45)=-4.9 (d/vcos(45)^2 + dtan(45

Delta Ym at t=d/vcos(45=1/2*(-9.8)(d/vcos(45)^2=-4.9(d/vcos(45)^2
h-(delta Yn)=(delta Ym)
>>dtan(45 -(-4.9(d/vcos(45)^2+dtan(45)
>>dtan(45 + 4.9(d/vcos(45)^2-dtan(45)=4.9(d/vcos)^2 =(-4.9(d/vcos(45)^2)=(delta Ym)